Serpentine curtains

Serpentine curtains are a modern and stylish curtain design that is popular for its unique wavy appearance and flexible light adjustment function. Snake curtains are made of a series of soft fabrics suspended vertically, which are arranged into beautiful wavy curves through a special track system, like flowing lines like snakes, adding a sense of movement and art to the interior space. This curtain not only has a strong visual decorative effect, but also has excellent practical functions. By adjusting the opening and closing degree of the snake curtain, you can flexibly control the light and privacy in the room. When fully opened, the curtain presents a beautiful wavy pattern, allowing natural light to softly pour into the room; when partially closed, it can block the glare of sunlight while maintaining a certain degree of light transmittance; when fully closed, the curtain can provide good privacy protection and light-shielding effect.


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