There are many styles of tables, the most common ones are dining tables, desks, coffee tables and dressing tables. The dining table is the core of family dining, usually placed in the dining room or kitchen. The materials include solid wood, glass, marble, etc., and each material can create a different dining atmosphere; the desk is a good helper for work and study, and the design focuses on functionality and comfort. It is usually equipped with drawers and bookshelves for storing books and office supplies; the coffee table is an important piece of furniture in the living room, placed in front of the sofa, for placing tea, books and decorations, with a variety of materials and designs, which can be matched according to the overall style of the living room; the dressing table is the finishing touch in the bedroom, usually equipped with a mirror and multiple drawers for storing cosmetics and accessories, and the design focuses on exquisiteness and beauty.


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