An interior design solution from a mother

Chirley is the design director of a US company, mainly responsible for hotels, apartments, real estate and other projects. Chirley is a perfectionist who works seriously and pays attention to detail. In her usual life, she is very enthusiastic about her friends and often helps everyone with their professional knowledge. Today, a friend of Lily, remodeled her home and found Chirley for design advice.

Lily is the mother of three children, and her home is always messy and the layout is particularly bad.

Chirley gave some advice on the renovation of the window.

First, if we want to make it simple and neat, it is better to use a solid zebra blinds with the same color bead chain, the same color cover and U-shaped bottom rail.

Second, if we want to achieve luxury, then, can choose jacquard fabric.

Third, if we want smart high-end, it is good to select electric zebra blind to easily adjust the shading performance.

The reason why Chirley chose zebra blinds for Lily is because the shading of the zebra blind can be adjusted, and compared to ordinary traditional curtains, the zebra blind does not need to be cleaned, which can help Lily to reduce the labor.

Regarding furniture, Chirley suggested to find MDF furniture, and the MDF furniture storage function is powerful, which can save space and provide a larger living environment for children.

Maybe this is fate. We met Chirley in the right time and right place. At that time, she was looking for these products for Lily, and we just met all her needs. Later we got in touch with Lily. Here is Lily’s home. Some pictures after the renovation, I hope everyone likes ~~

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